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Corvera airport – Our report and opinion

November 8th, 2008

Cranes at Corvera Airport!
Cranes at Corvera Airport!

There has been a lot of rumours flying concerning the new airport in Corvera. Including, as per usual, some nay-sayers predicting that it would never be built, or that it will take years to finish. It’s never as bad or slow as some people think, and usually, once a project is started in Spain it often exceeds expectations by completion. Just look at Roda Golf, which is bedding in so beautifully, and Corvera Golf and Country Club (see full our report from last week) which is taking shape as one of the premier golfing complexes in Europe! We think that people forget how long huge projects like this take to complete in the UK, and how they very often go over time….and budget!

When we were in Corvera last week with our photographer we drove out past the airport, and were pleased to see much activity. There are numerous portacabins for workers, and cranes evident along the horizon. Access roads for construction vehicles and personnel have been made. Corvera airport is being built. Right now, there were additional portacabins being constructed as we were there and clearly there is a massive amount of work currently being undertaken with yet more workers still to arrive.

As far as we can make out the first stone was laid on the 3rd of July between Corvera and Fuente Alamo (Google map).  The national Spanish news papers report that Corvera Airport is intended to serve a comprehensive range of UK and European low-cost airlines (Companies mentioned include Ryanair, Vueling, Air Europa, Air France, Iberia and TUI, amongst others), and that it is hoped to commence flights in there in 2010. It has been widely speculated that the airport would take two years to build. So 2010 seems reasonable…even if it is late 2010!

Development of the new, privately run, airport will take place in two stages, the first will cater for up to 1.5 million passengers a year (running 24 hours a day) and is projected to cost 106 million euros, and the second stage will cater for a further 3 million passengers at an estimated 45 million Euros. In contrast Aena Spanish Airports puts passenger volume at San Javier airport last year at close to 2 million people on more than 20,000 flights. As a private airport, Corvera will be able to offer lower fairs and greater flexibility than the airlines receive at state-managed “Aena” airports. The total area will be 300 hectares, with a runway of 3,000 metres. It will have five hangars, and will be able to handle seven flights every hour. The construction, and forty year management contract has been awarded to Aeromur S.A. They have employed “Sacyr” to carry out construction work. (You can see their sign in our photos too)

It was inevitable really that that a new airport would have to be built. Major expansion work continues at the existing San Javier airport, just like Alicante airport, which is expanding as we speak. This year, it is expected that passenger numbers at San Javier will be approaching two million! Indeed between January and July this year there were more than 900,000 passengers arriving at San Javier, a 24% increase on the same period for last year! The area has to have a new airport! We predict that we will be arriving at that airport soon, from rainy England, ready for a round at Corvera. Just wait and see!

We also timed our journey from the Corvera Golf and Country Club to the airport and it took less than 5 minutes, the flight path is nowhere near the resort so this is absolutely fantastic, for those worrying about Corvera Golf and Country Club, it may take a little longer to achieve the true investment potential, or to be the completed 5 star resort we hoped for, but in our opinion it is inevitable that it is going to happen and with the new airport well under construction, this is just another step in the right direction, look out for further news and updates shortly and please feel free to leave your comments.

Below we have the gallery of pictures we took on our visit. These pictures are, as always, available in very high resolution on our Flickr page!

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