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Archive for November 15th, 2008

A sunny day in Corvera – Our second visit!

November 15th, 2008

Welcome to our latest set of pictures, and our latest update for the fantastic new Corvera Golf and Country Club.

The last time we were at Corvera Golf it was a horrible rainy day and even though the pictures were pretty good, we were of course disappointed that we could not show you all the progress of the resort on a beautiful sunny day.

Well there’s good news folks! It was a fantastic sunny November 12th and although this latest set of pictures will be quite similar to the ones we took 3 weeks ago, I am sure you are all very happy to see as many pictures as possible. We also thought you would appreciate seeing just how much the development has progressed and to see that this is going to be a great place to visit when the weather is so terribly cold and in the UK and Ireland (and the rest of Northern Europe)! The weather is fantastic over here at the moment, a cool 21 degrees on the day we shot these pictures, wow!

Our visit this time was even more exciting, the views were great, the temperature was great, we actually commented that it is a shame we couldn’t play the Corvera golf course! Just another 12 months and we are assured that the course will be ready to play, make a note in your diaries for October/November 2009 and don’t forget the club house is all set to be open for the same time, and again we are assured that it is going to be a golf course and golf club house to be very proud of.

Loads more infrastructure in now place, millions of workers everywhere… well a couple of dozen anyway, as I said “really excited and getting carried away” but seriously folks, this place is really going to be worth the wait, what an absolute wonderful location!

The road and entrance outside the resort has all now been changed, very difficult to keep up with the work everywhere and it is official, just 3 and a half minutes to the new “Corvera airport” with the flight path nowhere near Corvera Golf and Country Club. Construction at the airport is progressing nicely, please see our previous report with limited pictures (link above).

If you like our pictures and updates, please leave your comments, it is the only way we know that all you concerned owners out there are happy with this new information site for Corvera Golf and Country Club.

Keep visiting, we will be back soon with some great news and some fantastic new pictures.

Gallery below!

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