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Corvera Golf update – February 2010

February 8th, 2010

Welcome to the first report of 2010 – just a brief update with plenty of photos.

Regarding the photos, I have concentrated on the completed areas, and those areas that are showing very nice signs of growth and maturity. I spent some time with new owner Jay Brown who was visiting with his son Dominic. They were both pretty pleased with what they saw, and actually commentated that my regular photos did not do the place justice! Sounds like my old teacher, “Stuart tries hard, but could do better”.

I was able to take some great scenery shots from inside a couple of apartments and despite all the delays, I still maintain there is great potential at Corvera and the views are just tremendous.

I’m afraid there was no work going on at the Clubhouse. I have heard that completion is now due towards the end of the Summer, but I have had no official confirmation of that.

The areas around the latest part of the resort are now completed. I am referring to the Magnolia villa’s and the Menta apartments, where it all looks great! I have noticed a few people moving in. New owners Frank and Linda Fraser from just outside Edinburgh are delighted with their property, they have just completed the purchase of their Menta penthouse apartment and are in the process of furnishing it, they both love it and can not wait to come back in March to start to enjoy their new home in the sun.

The Phase 3 apartments on the hill have not been worked on since before Christmas and again I have had no official confirmation of anything here, but definitely no work going on there for now.

I am constantly being asked about the Phase 3 properties near the entrance roundabout. There is still no sign of any work here, and this is obviously a great cause for concern.

Should anybody have any enquiries about these Phase 3 properties, please feel free to call me on 00 34 680 842 895 or e-mail me directly to discuss your options.

The golf course was open with a few owners enjoying the lovely sunny weather. Obviously there is still lots of work required here, but the greens and t-boxes all in great shape. I do wish those playing at present would remember to repair their pitch marks, it can only be the owners not doing so at present, as they are the only ones playing.

On a more positive note the new international airport at Corvera is absolutely flying along, loads of work being carried out with dozens of workers on site and lots of trucks, cranes, etc all working, so that has to be excellent news, final funding was approved and made available well before Christmas to complete the work on the new airport, so as previously reported here, construction should be completed by early next year at the latest, watch this space for more information!

That is about it for now, should anybody need any help or assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are very busy at present helping people with their mortgages and furniture requirements, if we can be of any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck to everybody for 2010.

Click here for a FULL SCREEN slideshow!

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