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Archive for October 31st, 2008

First visit! – Report & pictures from Corvera Golf – October ’08

October 31st, 2008


Welcome to the new and exciting Corvera Golf information web site, the newest and most up to date web site with lots of great pictures and information regarding Corvera Golf and Country Club.

We have been very busy with our sister web site for your sister resort at www.rodagolfinfo.com, however we are now going to concentrate on bringing you all the latest news and information regarding the fantastic gated resort of Corvera Golf and Country Club.

We are going to start by providing these pictures (see gallery below) from our most recent visit to Corvera Golf and provide our very own thoughts on the progress to date and of course the potential for the resort generally. If you click on the pictures in the gallery you can see that we added some comments on most of the pictures, explaining where you are and what you are seeing. Also please note that the pictures are available on our Flickr page here in (massive!) full size resolution!

Our report

We visited Corvera Golf and Country Club on Thursday 23rd October with our camera ready to go only to find that the weather was terrible, it rained all day, however we did get some great pictures of the apartment blocks, the views from the front line apartments and we managed to drive around the development.

The apartments were very specious and the “frontline” properties we visited were the Tilo style, the views were just unbelievable and whoever owns these “frontline” properties are in for a real treat, complete uninterrupted views across the golf course towards the mountains in the distance, even in the rain we were just “blown away at the sheer scale of it all.

There is so much wide open spaces, so many excellent views and the infrastructure work that has been completed can only really be appreciated from inside the resort.

The amount of work already undertaken is colossal, the pavements with the block stones or pavement bricks, the roads and street lighting and the stone walls everywhere look just fantastic, like all the owners at Corvera we have been a little apprehensive, what with the delays and the current economic climate, but we came away from Corvera completely enthused and excited all over again.

We visited the location for the hotel and clubhouse where lots of infrastructure work has already been completed, the location is fantastic and the golf course covers the most enormous area, regarding the golf course, there have been lots of trees planted along side the various fairways, all drainage and water systems are in place, all the fairways have been marked out and the greens have been prepared, we expect the course to be seeded from next March.

To stand at the location of the clubhouse and proposed De Vere hotel and look back to the sales office gives some idea of the vastness of the whole development, it is fair to say that we were very happy with what we saw.

We had an opportunity to have a look at the villas and semi-detached properties in the South island and again it all looked fabulous, the “frontline” villas will have superb views and were very spacious, great plots and again a sense of being in the country with huge wide open spaces.

There was a massive amount of work going on with construction workers busy all over the resort.

I would like to point out that during our visit we were supervised at all times by Corvera staff and every safety precaution was observed, this is after all a construction site with heavy plant and machinery all over the place.

Our initial overall opinion is that the resort has the potential to be one of the best in Spain, quite possibly Europe, the properties are very spacious with huge terraces, spectacular views, the location is awesome and with the new airport well under construction, this place is going to be very popular for people all over Europe looking for something just a little different and a little special.

We have some great pictures to accompany this first report, there will be lots more pictures and we will be providing an update regularly, all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The gallery

Remember, you can click for an explanation and these pictures are also available in high resolution on our Flickr page

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