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Archive for December 19th, 2008

Corvera Golf and Country Club – December 2008 visit

December 19th, 2008

Welcome to our last update on Corvera Golf and Country Club for 2008 and may I begin by saying seasons greetings to you all and I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and a very merry Christmas.

Thank you very much for all the very positive comments about our new information web site and please keep them coming, it is the only way that we know that you like what we are doing.

There is a lot of negative press about at the moment, it is almost as if the world has gone mad, like everybody else we at corveragolfinfo are concerned with the state of the world economy and all the gloomy news about unemployment and the banking crisis. However I hope that these latest photos with descriptions as well as this latest update, helps to cheer you up just a little bit over the festive season.

On to Corvera Golf and Country, WOW, and WOW again, absolutely fantastic, I can not believe the progress since our last visit, thousands of trees have been added to the golf course, but also either side of the roads throughout the whole resort, there was a water lorry moving around the resort watering all the new trees, just a couple of years from now we will have beautiful tree lined avenues everywhere.

All of the “tee boxes” have now been marked out and there are six on every hole, just like the model in the sales office, they actually look like “crop circles” I have tried my best to give you a feel for the properties and the resort generally from the golf course side, hopefully you can get a feel for the sheer scale of the golf course and the development generally from the photos I have taken. There are nearly one hundred photos with comprehensive descriptions on most, please have a close look at the photos, I am sure you will be able to see your property here somewhere!

I have spent a lot of time on the South island this time – that is the lowest part of the development down to the left of the resort as you look from the sales office. We have had a lot of requests for photos of this area to show the Canela Villa’s and the Magnolia Villa’s, I am pleased to report that there is huge progress in this area, the views are just amazing as even though this is the lowest part of the resort, the properties are located on natural hills and all have great views.

The golf course has been completed in this area. It needs grass of course, and that will happen in the Spring. It was difficult not to get too excited over here! The properties in the South island all have good views of the golf course, but off to the West are the mountains, where there will be the most incredible sunsets, great for hiking as well, but not in high season please, too hot!

Some of the roads have been tarmacked; most pavements have been completed, and a number of the swimming pools have been constructed or excavated since our last visit, some of the detached villas also have their swimming pools in – lucky people.

One very exciting development for me was the water feature, or stream, that is running through the resort, it has been constructed to the highest standard with a concrete base and then a fabulous dry wall up to the level of the golf course, I think this will be marked by “red markers” for all you golfers out there. I have included some photos of this feature, I hope I have captured it properly as it looks great, forgive me, just getting a bit excited again.

The main, and only, entrance in looks great, another fabulous feature is the lovely dry stone walls either side of the road, as you come up over the hill and down in to the resort with the mountain in the background is nothing short of breathtaking, it is going to be impressive for sure, no question about it.

The properties on phase 1 in the North island have roads, swimming pools and a lot of the properties have been painted and they look great, some of the front line apartments in this location have tremendous views in every direction, and it is quite a high part of the resort and located quite close to the clubhouse with views of the 1st tee, good spot.

There are some fabulous areas for walking and sightseeing, particularly up towards the area for the hotel and clubhouse, almost a sense of being out in the wilderness and yet still on the luxury 5 star Corvera Golf and Country Club, it is these walks that I am looking forward to, that and this fabulous championship golf course. I would like to report that I took my seven iron out of the bag and hit a couple of balls and what brilliant shots they were, well that is my version anyway and I am sticking to it, even without grass, you can really see that this golf course is going to be a stern test, but with the PGA academy on site there will be no excuses!

I hope you enjoy these latest photos and update, don’t forget to read the descriptions that accompany most photos, I really hope you all get to spot your property, and I also hope you feel just a little more positive about this fabulous resort, we will be back as soon as we can with some new ones and another update, please leave your comments and also send in any requests, we are always happy to help. We must also mention Calida International Properties, who make this website possible, and who provide professional property management services for you owners out there. Once again a very very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009 and to you all.

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