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More news about Murcia International Airport!

November 23rd, 2010

Hi all. The Winter months may be closing in (somewhat later than our friends in the UK!) but there’s still plenty to be excited about here in Murcia! We are starting to see more images and details emerging from the – rapidly emerging – Corvera International Airport! Below you can see a small gallery of shots we’ve assembled. the Spanish press is talking about flights in 2011!

So before San Javier, or Alicante, we will have our own fully International airport ready to whizz us to the USA or Caribbean…or, maybe better, whizz you are your guests here to wonderful Murcia for a visit!

This is not a political or electoral promise. The airport will become a reality in 2011 thanks to the Competition Commission of the European Union, who gave the green light to guarantee 200 million euros for the project. Money enough to finish construction.

José Ballesta the Minister of Public Works, announced that the first plane to land at Corvera will be towards the end of next year because the airport is already finished, while explaining that the decision in Brussels has been favourable because the endorsement was “not incompatible” with international law.

The airport will be a cornerstone for growth in the whole region, open up international business opportunities, boost tourism and will offer employment to 20,000 people!

The work plan includes four main priorities: The passenger terminal; The control tower and other buildings; Facilities (beacons etc.) and civil construction (airfields or drainage systems etc).

José Ballesta said are “many” airlines interested in operating at the airport, but these are subject to a confidentiality agreement, and will not become public until shortly before the airport becomes operational.

On top of all this, new access from the A-30 to the Corvera International Airport is well under construction. These works are planned to be finished before the end of the year.

You will be able to get more info very soon through the official web page which is now under construction.

As if all that were not enough, the high speed rail link (AVE) between Madrid and Cartagena will have a station at Corvera airport! This infrastructure is planned to be finished in 2014. We really are going to be on the map!

We are sure you will share our enthusiasm for this news. It can mean nothing else but increased interest in our area, business opportunities, and with news of the Paramount theme park – the good times are set to roll!

Click here for a FULL SCREEN slideshow!

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