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Corvera Clubhouse – Construction begins!

August 22nd, 2011

Welcome to the latest update for the Corvera Golf and Country Club, I know many of you have felt that we have abandoned the updates – and the resort generally, but that is not the case, we have simply had nothing new to say and we have certainly had nothing positive to say, well that is about to change!

We have all been wondering when we will start to see some progress on the Corvera clubhouse, and we have been hearing the same old stories, just waiting for the funding to be put in place, etc. Well today I can confirm that all funding is now available and WORK HAS COMMENCED ON COMPLETING THE CORVERA CLUBHOUSE, at last some great news!

There are now officially 406 owners at Corvera and I am certain those folks will be delighted with this news.

I met with one of the senior staff members at Corvera today August who introduced me to the architect for the clubhouse. The architect then gave me a guided tour of the building, and explained exactly what is to be done, and what facilities we can look forward to. It is worth mentioning that to date Calidona have spent between 3 and 4 million Euros on the clubhouse with approximately 3 million more Euros to be spent completing the facility.

On the ground floor there will be the golf pro shop with offices, changing rooms, golf club storage etc, also there will be a spa area with swimming pool, jacuzzi and gymnasium. I can also report that to date no less than four separate people have inquired about running/managing the gymnasium, so very positive.

There will also be a mini market close to the pro shop nearest to the 18th green.

There will be stairs and a lift/elevator to the upstairs where you will find some breathtaking views, a members area, a communal bar and restaurant area, there will be a restaurant for more formal dining and there will be a VIP meeting room for special small functions and meetings.

There is a substantial area on the basement level and this will be for the buggies, bag storage and trolleys.

The plans looked fantastic, the architect was very enthusiastic, and I was assured that work will be commencing in earnest from this moment to complete construction as quickly as possible with all above mentioned facilities being available as soon as possible. There are currently just 6 or 8 workers on site at present, that is because it is difficult to get construction workers to work in August, with temperatures topping 40 degrees, you can certainly understand that, but come September I am assured that there will be many more workers on site with the sole intention of delivering our long waited Corvera Golf clubhouse.

It has always been my intention to be as positive as possible but also be as realistic as possible. Everybody is aware of all the negatives, but this is fantastic news and I am sure this can only be a positive step by the company and great news for all owners. Hopefully this may encourage some people to move forward and start to discuss all options with the developer regarding their property and deposit at Corvera.

We at Calida International Properties will be only too happy to offer advice and support to anybody that has yet to complete the purchase, or anybody that simply wishes to explore all options regarding how to move forward.

There are many options available, particularly downsizing or moving the deposit to a more suitable or more cost effective property. We can offer free independent mortgage advice, discuss your options with the developer on your behalf, or simply meet for an informal chat to study your individual case.

Please contact us directly as soon as possible at stuart@calidainternationalproperties.com

We will be providing more updates from now on, and will be providing regular photos of all progress, but for now, once again this is fantastic news and lets keep our fingers crossed for plenty more good news in the near future.

Here is what the developer has to say,

Our project continues to move forward and at this point we are delighted and excited to start a new stage at Corvera Golf & Country Club. We’d like specially thank all Corvera owners (more than 400 now!!) for their loyalty and faith in this project.We will give you updates on a regular basis in the forthcoming months

Finally, The airport is just about completed which is superb news, please see the latest news regarding the airport here. It is good to be back with this great news!!

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