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BUMPER UPDATE of great news!

October 13th, 2011

Hello again everybody, some very exciting news flying about at the moment, and so here we are with another update including some great photos, and a simply incredible video!

There has been much progress on the Corvera Golf Clubhouse – and not only that – the airport is finally here, the whole Paramount saga really seems to be gaining momentum, and the weather is still great with amazing temperatures in the high 20s!

The Corvera Golf Clubhouse

Firstly the Corvera Golf clubhouse. There has been some fantastic progress since my last visit just a few weeks ago, there are between thirty and forty men at any given time, working around the clock! Hopefully the photos will provide some evidence of the incredible progress, but to walk through the place having everything pointed out and fully explained what will go where, etc was fantastic, it is fair to say that progress is very impressive.

I was again invited by the head architect for a guided tour around the facility which has come on in “leaps and bounds”. The clubhouse will be finished by the end of the year at this rate, and it will simply be a matter of installing the main bar, kitchen appliances, furniture, etc so it really does seem like the clubhouse will be open for spring. Of course we will continue to provide more up to date information over the next few months.

It is good to see the Corvera staff very positive again and people smiling whilst going about their work, a long way to go but all very exciting.

Entrance way

There is an enormous roundabout due to be constructed at the end of the town just near the start of the road in to Corvera. This will make the connection from the main road and the town far more accessible, and will make for a very impressive entrance to the resort. Work should be commencing on this very soon, so expect to see the trucks and workmen outside the resort at the end of town at any time.

Horse jumping competition

There is another horse jumping competition at Corvera equestrian centre which again is proving very popular and will continue to draw attention and increase the profile of Corvera Golf in Murcia.

The Paramount theme park!

The press are reporting some very positive news about the proposed Paramount Studios and Lifestyle Park. It actually looks like the whole thing might happen! A very exciting DVD presentation is now available and you can see this below. What an amazing facility this will be based on this DVD presentation and will certainly put Murcia on the international map, I am sure you will enjoy watching this.

The Paramount Studios once completed will be just about fifteen or twenty minutes from Corvera, and with the new international airport about to open just a few minutes from the Corvera resort, things are actually starting to look up at last!

Corvera and San Javier Airports

I have added a couple of photos of the new road up to the entrance of the new international airport at Corvera and it is very impressive. The road system and infrastructure generally is superb and truly world class, so when all the visitors come, there will be no long queues or traffic jams to meet them. It is all very impressive – all we need is the regular flights from all regions of the UK!

On a not so positive note for some, it does look like the days of San Javier airport are numbered. However Ryanair are actually looking at the feasibility of purchasing and running the airport at San Javier, watch this space for news on that.

A bit of advice

Finally for all the people looking at their options at Corvera, please don’t just speak to your lawyers. The advice some people are being offered is simply outrageous. Please speak to fellow owners, speak to people that have completed, come and visit the resort and see for yourselves, talk to the people at Corvera, they will be very happy to meet you and discuss your options.

What I can say is that if your house has been built, they will not refund your money. They are very flexible about everything else. They will swap your property for a cheaper one, and possibly even upgrade you – the point is you can discuss your options with the staff at Corvera without prejudice.

Please contact Pablo Buitrago at pbuitrago@corveragolf.com or Celia Garcia at cgarcia@corveragolf.com. You might even want to go straight to the head of the legal department and discuss your options with Jesus Molina, he is available at jmolina@corveragolf.com – The point is that you can do this and it will not affect any possible law suit you might continue considering, but it is worth discussing your options, you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

You can also contact us at info@calidainternationalproperties.com – many of your fellow owners have done so – and we will be happy to help you. We are continuing to assist people who are struggling to make any sense of their situation, but to talk to the lawyers is very expensive and almost never the only option.

The sun is shining!

Come and have a look at the Corvera Golf development, we certainly advise you to check out the progress on the new clubhouse at Corvera, with the new international airport at Corvera about to open and the proposed Paramount Theme park and Lifestyle Centre progressing nicely, all of a sudden the sun really is shining on Murcia and particularly on Corvera Golf and Country Club.

The Paramount Video

…and here’s that amazing video! It’s in two “sections” the first half dealing with the “Lifestyle Centre” and the second half the “Theme Park”. After you hit play, we recommend you switch to “720p HD” mode (push where it says 360p) and hit the full-screen button for the best view of this simply incredible video!

Bumper update gallery

And here’s the gallery of photos we shot just this week. Enjoy!

Click here for a FULL SCREEN slideshow!

Corvera Clubhouse – Construction begins!

August 22nd, 2011

Welcome to the latest update for the Corvera Golf and Country Club, I know many of you have felt that we have abandoned the updates – and the resort generally, but that is not the case, we have simply had nothing new to say and we have certainly had nothing positive to say, well that is about to change!

We have all been wondering when we will start to see some progress on the Corvera clubhouse, and we have been hearing the same old stories, just waiting for the funding to be put in place, etc. Well today I can confirm that all funding is now available and WORK HAS COMMENCED ON COMPLETING THE CORVERA CLUBHOUSE, at last some great news!

There are now officially 406 owners at Corvera and I am certain those folks will be delighted with this news.

I met with one of the senior staff members at Corvera today August who introduced me to the architect for the clubhouse. The architect then gave me a guided tour of the building, and explained exactly what is to be done, and what facilities we can look forward to. It is worth mentioning that to date Calidona have spent between 3 and 4 million Euros on the clubhouse with approximately 3 million more Euros to be spent completing the facility.

On the ground floor there will be the golf pro shop with offices, changing rooms, golf club storage etc, also there will be a spa area with swimming pool, jacuzzi and gymnasium. I can also report that to date no less than four separate people have inquired about running/managing the gymnasium, so very positive.

There will also be a mini market close to the pro shop nearest to the 18th green.

There will be stairs and a lift/elevator to the upstairs where you will find some breathtaking views, a members area, a communal bar and restaurant area, there will be a restaurant for more formal dining and there will be a VIP meeting room for special small functions and meetings.

There is a substantial area on the basement level and this will be for the buggies, bag storage and trolleys.

The plans looked fantastic, the architect was very enthusiastic, and I was assured that work will be commencing in earnest from this moment to complete construction as quickly as possible with all above mentioned facilities being available as soon as possible. There are currently just 6 or 8 workers on site at present, that is because it is difficult to get construction workers to work in August, with temperatures topping 40 degrees, you can certainly understand that, but come September I am assured that there will be many more workers on site with the sole intention of delivering our long waited Corvera Golf clubhouse.

It has always been my intention to be as positive as possible but also be as realistic as possible. Everybody is aware of all the negatives, but this is fantastic news and I am sure this can only be a positive step by the company and great news for all owners. Hopefully this may encourage some people to move forward and start to discuss all options with the developer regarding their property and deposit at Corvera.

We at Calida International Properties will be only too happy to offer advice and support to anybody that has yet to complete the purchase, or anybody that simply wishes to explore all options regarding how to move forward.

There are many options available, particularly downsizing or moving the deposit to a more suitable or more cost effective property. We can offer free independent mortgage advice, discuss your options with the developer on your behalf, or simply meet for an informal chat to study your individual case.

Please contact us directly as soon as possible at stuart@calidainternationalproperties.com

We will be providing more updates from now on, and will be providing regular photos of all progress, but for now, once again this is fantastic news and lets keep our fingers crossed for plenty more good news in the near future.

Here is what the developer has to say,

Our project continues to move forward and at this point we are delighted and excited to start a new stage at Corvera Golf & Country Club. We’d like specially thank all Corvera owners (more than 400 now!!) for their loyalty and faith in this project.We will give you updates on a regular basis in the forthcoming months

Finally, The airport is just about completed which is superb news, please see the latest news regarding the airport here. It is good to be back with this great news!!

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Corvera Riding Centre opens!

May 1st, 2010

Riding Centre location

Here’s some fantastic news from Corvera Golf and Country Club – The Riding Centre (“Hipica”) is now open!

Located in the “Camino de los Garcia”, just in front of the former show house (click on the map for a larger view) there are a vast array of services available

Riding in the stunning Sierra de Carrascoy mountains, which flank the Corvera developement, is sure to be a special experience, and with the experts on hand at the purpose built equestrian centre your dream could now become a reality!

The wooden buildings fit right into the surrounding landscape, and incorporate stables, feed stores, changing rooms, a training ring and much more. Just a few of the services will include:


  • Box of 3M x 3M
  • Rice husk bed
  • Infra-red heating during the winter
  • 24h horse care
  • Feeding: compound feed and alfalfa
  • Walker two times per week included
  • Two sand courts
  • Floodlights


  • Classes are with the school’s horses and with private horses for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).
  • Preparation for show jumping.

Other options

  • It’s possible to mount the horse with or without a teacher depending on the experience of the rider.
  • As well depending on the riders preparation level there will be a possibility to make some field trips outside of the parade area.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Riding Centre directly on: (0034) 637 978 257 or (0034) 637 254 465

Corvera Golf and Country Club – Report March 2010

March 16th, 2010

Welcome to the March update for the Number one information web site for Corvera Golf and Country Club.

Playing the course

Firstly – at long last I have played the golf course! The greens are fantastic and the tee boxes are nearly ready, in good condition, and they just need about three months of sun with some rain and I think they will be complete. The fairways are some way from being perfect, I would say about 6-9 months will get them there. However, they are still very playable and certainly better than most “snowed off fairways” back in the UK! The good news is that there are greens staff working everywhere on the course.

I played off the white tee boxes as I heard the yellow tees were not much of a challenge – well I will be playing off the yellow tees next time! I found the challenge to be pretty tricky and very long, a really great day out. I played with new owners Gareth and Jackie Summerton and it was Gareth playing off a handicap of 6 that won the day.

Construction continuing

I bumped in to several owners walking around the development. Quite a few people having moved in now, so it was good to see a few people about. The only thing missing for now is some life breathed in to the place. Please also remember it has been winter, the weather has been pretty poor really, and only now people are starting to furnish their properties and actually stay on site. So it was great to see owners about. It could well be a busy summer at Corvera!

The café bar on site is now busy every time I go there, and it’s good to see a good mix of nationalities present and a few different languages being spoken. You always get a good welcome here and a wide range of snacks and refreshments awaits you.

The equestrian centre is now well under construction. There are horses on site and it should be ready by the start of Summer. This is quite a big area currently under active development and good to see this much advertised facility being worked on. Some of the photos below will hopefully give you some idea of progress.


The airport at Corvera is still continuing to grow with some of the infrastructure for the terminal buildings now well under construction, please follow this link for further information, Corvera Airport

Meeting some happy owners!

Happy Corvera owners!
Happy Corvera owners!

I have been very busy of late helping Phase 3 owners swap their deposits to properties that have been completed on Phases 1 and 2. I have been liaising with the developer to identify suitable properties for these lucky people, and trying to get them the right price! We have quite a few very happy clients now I am very pleased to say. Corvera clients who were upset and worried about their proposed properties who are now very happy indeed.

One such couple is Stephen and Jacquie Wragg from Tamworth, who kindly posed for some photos on the 18th fairway with their property in the background. They had this to say:

“Thank you Stuart for all your help, we have been having many a sleepless night and wondered if we would ever see our new property! With your help and expert advice, we are very happy to proceed to the completion of our property at last. You have found us a fantastic property and at a great price, we would also like to thank Pablo Buitrago at Corvera for his patience and understanding of our situation, We are now every happy indeed and can not wait to complete our purchase”

Another couple who have returned to the UK very happy indeed are Phil and Wendy Webber from Cardiff who had this to say:

“We would just like to give our thanks to Stuart Thomas of Calida International Properties. Firstly, if we had not stumbled upon his web site www.corveragolfinfo.com with its great information about Corvera with all the photos and updates, we would have still been in the dark about any progress at Corvera. Through this web site we made contact with Stuart and went over to see him last weekend in Spain. As a phase 3 buyer at Corvera we were becoming increasingly concerned about our purchase. We discussed the options with Stuart and on taking his advice decided to swap into phase 2. We are now the proud owners of a fantastic front line property and very much relieved. Stuart’s advice and ongoing support has been invaluable. We are looking forward to completing and spending our first week there. Thanks again Stuart. We strongly recommend anybody with concerns getting in touch with Stuart”

Here to help

Swapping deposits from phase 3 properties (not built yet) to properties that are available now is obviously not right for everybody, I can only offer advice and offer my opinion on each individuals own circumstances. However if this option is something you might be interested in discussing, please feel free to make contact, many clients are taking up this option which is great news for the resort as there will be fewer properties available. I am always available directly on 00 34 680 842 895 or via email on info@calidainternationalproperties.com

I know there are many people, from various phases, exploring all options available and considering legal action for various reasons and I do wish you all well. I do recognise these are very worrying times, but it is great news that people are still enthusiastic about Corvera Golf and Country Club and that they are excited about owning their new home in the sun.

The Clubhouse

There has been no construction work on the clubhouse since the last update I am sorry to say,
however I am assured that construction will commence very soon and will be finished this year,
please see this link for our previous report on the Covera Clubhouse to give you some idea of how it will look when it’s finished.

Like everything the clubhouse is now well overdue, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. Rest assured that as soon as construction begins we will report it here with plenty of photos! We remember when the Roda Clubhouse opened nearly two years ago, of course we were there first with a full report and gallery. That day will come here on Corvera – something to
look forward to!

A word of caution

A word of caution. There are a few companies out there who have managed to get hold of a Corvera owners database. This database has most likely come from former employees of MRI or MacAnthony Realty International, please beware of these company’s trying to sell you Furniture Packs, offering Mortgage products, Property Management services and especially Rental services. They often ask for an “up front” fee and very rarely if ever deliver the service promised and that you have paid for. If you are in any doubt, please don’t work with these people and please never part with any money up front.

The same goes for Real Estate companies charging a fee to market your property for sale, we should all only be paid if we achieve the results for our clients, not one penny should be paid before that!

The sun is back!

Finally, the warmer weather seems to be upon us after a real cold snap this last few weeks. Spring is definitely here and I can not wait to have my next game of golf at Corvera! If anybody fancies a game, please just drop me an email and I would love to join up, maybe play for a beer? Now that definitely sounds like a plan.

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Corvera Golf and Country Club – Report September 2009

September 16th, 2009

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer. I know the weather has been poor in the UK and Ireland, however I am also aware a lot of our regular visitors to this web site have been to Corvera this summer to enjoy the fabulous weather we usually enjoy here in Murcia. It was also great to meet a lot of you in person for the first time.

Many people have now completed the purchase of their property at Corvera, and I am very pleased to report that there have been many positive comments and many, many happy owners. Congratulations to everybody who has completed their purchase of their property at Corvera!

I walked a large part of the golf course this week, and I was amazed at how much it has come along since my last visit. I’m sure the golf course will be open this year and I am looking forward to playing the course myself. I hit some great shots on the driving range as well so obviously I am very happy. Talking to the green keepers – they are all confident of hitting their target of opening this year so excellent news.

Phase 3 owners will be pleased to know that work has commenced on phase 3. Not a huge amount of work at present – three cranes and a couple of earth movers – but progress is good, and they have started, and what a fantastic location! A very elevated position with amazing views across the whole resort, and with a South West orientation for most properties. This is going to be a very desirable location once completed.

I have taken some photos of the road leading up to the main entrance. This road is now open, so the whole avenue up to the roundabout before you turn right in to the resort looks great. I hope you agree. First impressions count, and the first impression driving up this road is wow!!

The golf clubhouse is now well under construction with lots of activity in this area. Also lots of work is going on around the greens and in the bunkers. They are already putting finishing touches all over the course, more and more trees have been planted, and it really does look like a golf course at last, I just can’t wait to play it!

I won’t mention any names, however I took some friends to Corvera this week to get their opinions on the resort, These friends all own property in Spain, but not at Corvera, and they have never been there before. They thought the development was great, the location fantastic, and they all agreed that there is massive potential. They agreed all amenities are essential, but what they did view they loved, I just thought I would pass that on.

I have taken quite a few photos of the Menta apartments and the Magnolia bungalows. This area is looking fantastic now with green areas maturing, swimming pools now in, and the Magnolias are looking superb and close to completion. I reckon by next month (October) we may well be close to some owners moving in. The whole area looks great and there are some fabulous views from this area as well.

The Menta apartments, and that general area in the South Island, are looking great. There is so much work and activity there that I think that this whole area will be complete within the next couple of months. I love the colour as well, I have had a number of requests for photos of this area so I hope you enjoy these.

As usual the overall impression is very good, loads of progress, all very exciting and looking great, I hope you enjoy this latest update and photos and I will be back in about 4-5 weeks with the next update.

We are currently very busy assisting clients with their completion requirements, If anybody needs help with any aspect of the completion process including mortgage requirements, property management and rentals services, snagging and “deep cleans” or even furnishing your property, please get in touch by emailing us directly or calling (00 34) 680 842 895 any time.

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Corvera Golf and Country Club – Report July 2009

July 3rd, 2009

Fantastic news everybody, the first owners have now completed their purchase and already many more have followed suit!

There was a champagne reception and everybody was “over the moon” that at last the project has become a reality. Since that first completion, the staff at Corvera have been flat out working around the clock trying to accommodate people and finalise the purchase of the clients properties.

Contrary to some reports, most of the prospective owners appear to be very happy indeed with the development and their new homes, and most can not wait to move in. Please remember there will always be some problems, but there have been well over a thousand properties sold and most are very excited about owning a property on Spain’s newest premier golf resort.

We ourselves are very busy right now with all the snagging reports. We have started the deep clean process to allow the installation of the furniture, and we are being contacted by at least eight clients per week to help and assist with all the completion issues, so excellent news all round!

The resort has progressed at a fantastic rate, the new entrance and security gate has now been completed and the sight that hits you when you go over the brow of the hill and enter the resort is amazing. The entrance avenue has been planted with mature plants and shrubs, and it looks very well established already.

There is a beautiful roundabout and children’s play area and that sets the tone for the rest of the resort, you know we love it but wow!

People have already moved in and I actually saw some people in one swimming pool, they were ladies so no photos I am afraid, don’t want security chasing me away!!

A number of private swimming pools have now been completed. The ongoing planting process has continued with many thousands of plants and shrubs being planted throughout the resort. Most of the communal swimming pools have been filled and I swear that one pool had a deep end of about 15 feet, the pool was massive and so deep, I guess that is the scuba diving training pool.

The photos that accompany this report will hopefully give you some idea of the progress – yes it still resembles a construction site to some degree, however in about 6-8 weeks we will be cooking for sure! Lots of cranes have now been removed, and have been replaced with children’s play area’s and exercise stations (I plan to stay well away from these)

Oh and yes, the golf course is getting green and the driving range is all but complete. I walked part of the golf course and it was brilliant, the lakes are enormous and all buggy and cart paths are now in and snake throughout the golf course.

Now that the areas between the apartments have been grassed and planted with a huge array of shrubs, the space is tremendous and not one area of the resort looks cramped, there is so much space everywhere.

For those people that have yet to visit and have not been here for a while, you really are in for a treat, you will be completely amazed with the progress and the quality throughout, guaranteed!!

Enjoy the photos and if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch, please remember we have our own independent in-house mortgage consultant and if anybody would like some help or advice we will be pleased to pass him on to you, he is English and deals with all the major banks.

Please see our services brochure below for a full list of the services we provide for you at Corvera Golf and Country Club.

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Video update – Construction progress at Corvera

June 1st, 2009

Hi everyone! To make up for our missing report last month here’s an extra treat for you! Well…we say treat, but you will soon see we are much better photographers than we are video makers! That said, our little video below does show, first hand, the construction progress steaming ahead at Corvera.

The first shots are from the balcony at the back of the visitors center and then we have a couple of shots from the villas, complete with newly installed pools.

As we said in our main report this month, it really was a joy to see some green grass in the center of the resort, and very shortly we are expecting to see the whole place “go green” as the seeds, currently being sown, take root.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who leave comments, we find it truly encouraging, and don’t forget you can contact me should you require any assistance with your property at wonderful Corvera – there is a link to my brochure below.

We’ll be back again soon I promise! With more greenery! Ps. If you hit the little button on the player marked “HQ” it looks (a bit) better!



Corvera Golf – Full report April/May 2009!

May 15th, 2009

Entrance roads nearly completed
Entrance roads nearly completed

Many apologies for being late with this the April / May update and photos! We have been very busy helping people prepare for their new property at Corvera as well as continuing to look after our Roda Golf clients. On the subject of Roda Golf (www.rodagolfinfo.com), phase 4 is well under way and the new sports facilities have finally started, as I keep saying, things might be happening a little too slow for us, but they do get done and to the highest standard, please consider this when wondering, and worrying, about Corvera.

Anyway… on to Corvera Golf and Country Club! We are being asked a lot about phase 3. People are concerned about the building licenses, and when the building will start. Well the good news is that the phase 3 building licence’s are expected to be issued within the next few weeks and building will commence on that phase straight away – yes you have heard it before, but I do think phase 3 is about to start before the Summer, the developer is getting ready to press on with it and they are as anxious as you to get it all under way, watch this space!!

Now then, on to all you lucky people who are due to complete, it just gets better and better, the new road to the airport outside the resort really is well under construction, the entrance to Corvera is almost ready and will be in use within three or four weeks, the mail box area is all ready and the communal gardens to the left as you go through the main entrance are now looking wonderful, the children’s play areas with the communal gardens and all the new plants and shrubs looks fantastic. Our car was covered in dust from the massive construction vehicles at work on the access road, and workers were in evidence busily working on the entrance and finishing off at the post box areas.

We counted about 450 ornamental benches that are currently being installed throughout the resort in the communal areas. We were also amazed at the sheer amount of plants and shrubs now bedding in! All of the plants at Corvera are from the local area, so there will be no question of them not being able to survive and they will require very little maintenance.

The PGA driving range and academy are almost complete and the driving range is already very green and lush, you will hopefully see this on the photos that accompany this report, the news is that the PGA golf academy will be open in June and again it looks fantastic. There was so much work going on at the driving range that we were not allowed any closer, but seeing the green grass in the centre of the development was a heart-warming sight!

Speaking of “green” – the golf course is currently being seeded and by the end of May the whole golf course should have been seeded and will be green by the end of July, then we will be getting really excited! There are vast bags of seeds in evidence around the site. The golf course should be available to play by the end of 2009, but I for one will not want it to open before it is good and ready, the back 9 at Roda was opened early due to pressure, and they are still repairing it, so please be just a little more patient – not long now!

The lakes on the golf course are now completely full and really do look daunting from a golfers perspective, the views across the lakes from the majority of phase 1 and 2 properties are fantastic.

A lot of the apartments have now had the name and number plates fitted to the outside of the properties, which means they really are ready for occupation. I was lucky enough to visit a few of the properties, and walk through them, and check them out first hand. Every single one of the rooms I walked through was light and airy with great views. Some will obviously be better than others, but with the patio doors opening right up, it really does bring the outside in – or is it the inside out!? I was very pleased with everything I saw. The ground floor Tilo style properties had amazing terraces and private gardens and a couple of the “frontline” properties had breathtaking views of the golf course and the mountains – I have one of these, so I was very pleased – very pleased indeed!!

Not too much more I can say, just a huge amount of progress from my last visit, much the same as my last report. I hope the pictures will speak for themselves! I would like to add that things are moving on at a great pace, and with a lot of abandoned developments around the world, it really is encouraging that Calidona have men (and women) working around the clock to deliver this fantastic resort that keeps getting better and better!

I am aware that this is a tough time for a lot of people and I do not say that lightly. If you can just hang in there I have no doubt that this will be the golf resort that everybody wants to own property on just a couple of years from now. As we drove around the resort we remarked again and again that this is truly set to be the premier golf resort in Spain, and surely one of the finest golf resorts in Europe. Yet again its big thumbs up for Corvera Golf and Country Club, I hope you enjoy the photos and you find this latest update interesting, I hope it was worth waiting for, and the next report will show A GOLF COURSE!!

If you need any help with your completion of your property at Corvera please just get in touch.

Please leave your comments below as all feedback is greatly appreciated.

PS We also have some big “panoramic” shots that our photographer is assembling now, they should be with you this week!

Click here for a FULL SCREEN slideshow!


Letter from Corvera Golf! Update on progress!

April 21st, 2009

More good news for owners out there! Corvera Golf have released this letter giving an in depth update of the construction progress. It’s good news across the board. There’s some solid dates in there too!

We publish the full letter below. If you would like to download the original pdf document then here’s the link: Letter from Corvera Golf – April 2009

Dear Owner,

It is our pleasure to inform you that the works on the residential complex, shared areas, homes and golf course are all close to completion.

The main entrance to the complex is almost complete. Situated between two hills, visitors to the resort will enjoy a “surprise effect” thanks to the spectacular views over the whole development, with the golf course in the foreground and the homes and the Sierra de Carrascoy as the backdrop.

With security in mind, the guardhouse located at the entrance will be finished during the month of April, and the whole complex has now been enclosed by a perimeter barrier.

The main roads have already been completed and the inner roads in the shared areas, which will provide access to the homes, will shortly be ready for use. Soon a cycle path will link all areas of the complex, including a large number of garden and playground areas, where residents and guests may stroll, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

As can be seen in the images, the shared areas are already taking shape and a number of zones are completely finished. They have been designed in a rustic style, using stone walls and indigenous vegetation, to blend seamlessly into the “Sierra de Carrascoy” natural park surroundings.

Each set of apartments also boasts its own private gardens and bathing areas with large communal swimming pools. The homes have been finished in colour schemes that fit perfectly with their environment. As depicted in the photos, all homes enjoy generous terraces to allow residents to make the most of the region’s exceptional climate.

The Tilo, Laurel and phase 1 and 2 Villas have either been finished or require only the final touches and operating checks.

Construction of the Menta apartments and Magnolia the villas is progressing in accordance with the most recent estimates, with the supporting structures already completed and the external walls well under way.

The dedicated parking spaces for with the most homes are now covered by elegant wooden pergolas.

The golf course works are almost completed. The final construction works will be finished during the month of April, followed by the sowing of the greens in May and of the fairways and roughs in June. Summer will see the final rounds of maintenance, equipment installation and finishing touches to the course, for inauguration during the final quarter of 2009.

The practice course has been constructed and sown, and the driving range pergola will soon be fully equipped, in time for its opening on 1st June 2009. Finally, we are pleased to announce that work on the clubhouse has also begun, with the foundations presently being laid. Please remember that we are always available for any queries that you might have.

Yours faithfully,

Corvera Golf & Country Club

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