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Corvera Airport – Pictures from the inside!

September 23rd, 2011

Here we go! And to think some of you had doubts! 😉

Yesterday I heard – direct – from the Corvera developers that the first flights are due to start operating in February/March next year (2012). Not only that, but the Corvera guys were taken on a personal tour of the airport, and even secured some photographs, which we include below.

So a huge sigh of relief all around – of course I never had any doubts(!) – and yet another reason why the prices of properties at Corvera will remain buoyant and life is set to get that bit easier with regards coming and going from Corvera Golf and Country Club! Hooray!

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Corvera International Airport update!

March 7th, 2011

This week Ramón Luis Valcárcel, the president of our region officially opened the access roads for Corvera international airport! For now those roads will be closed, but we are excited to report this new development – another positive step on the road to our very own airport!

The airport is still set to open next year, and these new roads will carry more than 25,000 cars a day. The roads themselves are said to have cost in excess of 28 million Euros, and can even be extended to three lanes if required in the future! (Let’s hope they need those lanes when the Paramount Theme Park opens!)

Meanwhile at the airport building itself work is moving forward apace with electrics and air-conditioning going in, and work continuing on the control tower. We can also see a lot of work being carried out on the runway!

All appears to be “on schedule” for opening by the end of the year and the first flights anticipated for Summer next year! Great!

More news about Murcia International Airport!

November 23rd, 2010

Hi all. The Winter months may be closing in (somewhat later than our friends in the UK!) but there’s still plenty to be excited about here in Murcia! We are starting to see more images and details emerging from the – rapidly emerging – Corvera International Airport! Below you can see a small gallery of shots we’ve assembled. the Spanish press is talking about flights in 2011!

So before San Javier, or Alicante, we will have our own fully International airport ready to whizz us to the USA or Caribbean…or, maybe better, whizz you are your guests here to wonderful Murcia for a visit!

This is not a political or electoral promise. The airport will become a reality in 2011 thanks to the Competition Commission of the European Union, who gave the green light to guarantee 200 million euros for the project. Money enough to finish construction.

José Ballesta the Minister of Public Works, announced that the first plane to land at Corvera will be towards the end of next year because the airport is already finished, while explaining that the decision in Brussels has been favourable because the endorsement was “not incompatible” with international law.

The airport will be a cornerstone for growth in the whole region, open up international business opportunities, boost tourism and will offer employment to 20,000 people!

The work plan includes four main priorities: The passenger terminal; The control tower and other buildings; Facilities (beacons etc.) and civil construction (airfields or drainage systems etc).

José Ballesta said are “many” airlines interested in operating at the airport, but these are subject to a confidentiality agreement, and will not become public until shortly before the airport becomes operational.

On top of all this, new access from the A-30 to the Corvera International Airport is well under construction. These works are planned to be finished before the end of the year.

You will be able to get more info very soon through the official web page which is now under construction.

As if all that were not enough, the high speed rail link (AVE) between Madrid and Cartagena will have a station at Corvera airport! This infrastructure is planned to be finished in 2014. We really are going to be on the map!

We are sure you will share our enthusiasm for this news. It can mean nothing else but increased interest in our area, business opportunities, and with news of the Paramount theme park – the good times are set to roll!

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Corvera Golf update – August 2010

August 16th, 2010

I must start by apologising for such a delayed update. We have a few photos to go with this latest Corvera update, however we have all been so busy over the summer that it has been impossible to find time to take some photos and provide some much needed information.

Great reviews from the Golf Course

We are now starting to receive some great reviews for the golf course. Family and friends of Corvera owners are now travelling from Torrevieja, Alicante, Villamartin, and more locally, Hacienda del Alamo, to play the golf course regularly – and they are loving it.

Roda Golf owners, and golf rights owners, have their own society (of which I am a member) and Corvera is now one of our preferred courses to play. We also plan to have some of our “society away days” at Corvera, which again is great news for improving the profile of Corvera Golf and Country Club.

The golf course is starting to play well, and it looks great! The course is getting plenty of water, and when the rain eventually comes in September, there will be a new wave of growth and maturity visible in just a few weeks. There are plenty of players on the golf course, and for the most part all positive reports.

Plenty of completions

Some excellent news from the developer is that they have been very busy through June and July with owners completing the purchase of their properties at Corvera. It would appear that the banks are starting to lend again, and that has helped Corvera with over forty new completions over the summer!

The Corvera Clubhouse

Regarding the clubhouse, I have met with the senior management team at Corvera and like everybody else they are frustrated regarding the lack of progress on the clubhouse. I am assured it is the most important thing for them at the moment and it looks like May 2011 is the new completion date, but that is not official yet.

The discussion centres around the fact that until a certain number of owners have completed the purchase, the clubhouse would not be a viable commercial proposition. I believe the magic number is 500 completions – and I believe they are pretty close.

Now please don’t shoot the messenger here! I am merely passing on any information I can gather to share it with all Corvera owners, I offer no opinion regarding this.

Plenty of people around and about!

My on-site roving reporter, Chris Dean, has reported that there are lots of people milling around at present, some of the swimming pools are actually quite busy. Miguel’s bar is extremely busy, with a BBQ planned for this weekend (Friday the 13th) OMG, just realised the date, hope you superstitious people out there are all ok today!

Loads of people now enjoying the resort including my old friends John and Amanda Anderton who are almost permanent fixtures on-site now. Chris Smith and his lovely wife Corinne have now moved in to their lovely new Magnolia house and are very happy, Mr and Mrs Dave Bond, who have recently moved on to Corvera in to their new Canela villa, they have a lovely new swimming pool and are loving it! Good luck folks for your new life in Spain.

There have been a number of recent completions who I have helped, I won’t mention names, you know who you are. Good luck with your new homes and holiday homes in the sun, look forward to seeing you all at Corvera very soon.

More airport progress

The new airport is now making huge progress and it definitely looks like next year will be a big here for Spain’s newest airport at Corvera. The location for Corvera Golf and Country Club is superb anyway, but with this new international airport and trans-Atlantic airport right on the doorstep, the signs look positive.

We are still busy helping people regarding their completions at Corvera, particularly those on phase 3 and 4 who are unsure of how best to proceed, please get in touch if you think we can be of any assistance, we will be only too happy to help.

That is about it for now, many more photos and new update in September.

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Murcia (Corvera) airport almost complete!

June 21st, 2010

News is filtering through that the EU have approved the latest loan for Murcia’s International airport here at Corvera! This is great news for Corvera owners of course, and surely it will help with any property investments made here at Corvera.

We were a little worried over the last couple of months when construction slowed almost to a halt as they waited for approval from the EU that the loan offered was legal and that the funds could finally be released.

This great news should get things back on track quick smart! Of course the airport is now a little behind schedule, but take a drive past and you can see just how advanced building is.

We will keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks and months, and let you know what we see!

Sorry for the quick update, we’ll be back soon, but of rnow it is too sunny to write and the course looks great…. 😉

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