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Inspection trip – Corvera Golf development Feburary 2009!

February 12th, 2009

Hi everybody, welcome to the latest update on Corvera Golf and Country Club, we hope you are continuing to enjoy this free information web site on Spain’s soon to be newest luxury golf resort!

We have more great news, and up to date photos of Corvera – however a small apology – it was a little hazardous on the resort this week! There were about 600 workers, dozens of trucks, lorries, diggers, etc. everywhere, all good news, however it has prevented us from getting all the photos we wanted to get. We have also had a number of requests for photos and we really have done our best, but limited photos this month, so many apologies if we have missed your property or your particular area, but we will do better next month we promise!

We are sure that you will enjoy them, we have managed to get photos of the North island which is very close to completion and we have some exciting news about phase 3. Also the properties up near the location for the hotel (which will be built) are completed, and look absolutely sensational.

You will see from some of the photos that they are now laying the tarmac in some areas. Yet again hundreds of additional trees are being planted around the resort and on the golf course. Also the boundary fence is being erected all over the resort, yes we can actually call it a resort now, it has progressed from a mere building site and it is all really taking shape!

Regarding phase 3, we have been reliably informed that the licences for phase 3 will be issued very soon and work should commence in the next couple of months. Completion date for phase 3 is approximately June/July 2010. This might not suit some people, however all the infrastructure for phase 3 is in place, all roads, pavement, paths and street lighting, and by the time your property is ready on phase 3, you will have all amenities, a fantastic championship golf course, a PGA golf academy, an international airport just around the corner, and a golf course and resort with a growing reputation!

Not just that! The views from phase 3 will be breath taking, simply superb, no other words for it, also from this location looking back to the sales office in the distance, you really do start to get a sense of the sheer vastness of Corvera Golf and Country Club, owners up here are in for a real treat, well worth the wait.

Now you all know that we are huge fans of Corvera Golf and Country Club, and as such we may appear a little biased, well we feel when you all see and experience what we experience every time we go there, you will feel exactly the same, Corvera is “head and shoulders” better than any other resort in the region, maybe Spain, yes it is fair to say “we love it”!

We would like to thank the staff at Corvera for allowing these visits and for providing as much help and assistance as they do, as well as doing their best to answer our questions which we ask on your behalf, it really is much appreciated.

It was reported in the local press that Jose Maria Olazabal has actually played the golf course, he has had a round of golf with some of the directors at Corvera, now we know the course is not ready, but they completed the 18 hole course testing the hazards and looking to add additional features, the word is that Jose Maria was very pleased with the progress of the golf course.

We have said it before, but the space and lack of build density really hits you, even where it looks dense from the sales office, when you actually get in amongst it, there is just so much space, the “Laurel” style apartments look great and some have fantastic views, those without golf course views (not too many) all overlook fabulous pools and wide open communal gardens, or look towards the mountains, very nice indeed.

The photos speak for themselves, you do not want us to go on and on, we are obviously aware of everybody’s favourite “moan forum” and we are also aware of everybody’s concerns which we are understand are very valid and we really do sympathise, we try our best to brighten up your day with as positive news as possible, there really is nothing negative I can or want to say about Corvera, we can not blame the developer for the economy or the recession, yes there are delays and yes mortgages are harder to get, no question about it, but as far as we can see, Corvera Golf and Country Club is going to be fantastic and we feel despite the considerable delays, Calidona are going to deliver one fantastic resort.

The town of Corvera is growing as we all expected with new properties being built, some new shops, a couple of extra bars, and we have already tried out two brand new typically Spanish tapas restaurants, very nice indeed, most importantly very inexpensive!

Finally, with a lot of owners at Corvera due to “complete” their purchase in the near future, we are getting contacted a lot about property management, mortgages, furniture requirements, rentals, etc. Our main sponsors are Calida International Properties and they will be very happy to answer all of your questions, and indeed help with any aspect of the completion process for your property at Corvera Golf and Country Club, please contact them at info@calidainternationalproperties.com or go to their web site at www.calidainternationalproperties.co.uk or continue to write in to us and we will pass on your enquiry.

We hope you enjoy this latest instalment, good luck everybody and we will be back in March, keep the faith there is a lot to be excited about!!

Corvera Golf and Country Club – December 2008 visit

December 19th, 2008

Welcome to our last update on Corvera Golf and Country Club for 2008 and may I begin by saying seasons greetings to you all and I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and a very merry Christmas.

Thank you very much for all the very positive comments about our new information web site and please keep them coming, it is the only way that we know that you like what we are doing.

There is a lot of negative press about at the moment, it is almost as if the world has gone mad, like everybody else we at corveragolfinfo are concerned with the state of the world economy and all the gloomy news about unemployment and the banking crisis. However I hope that these latest photos with descriptions as well as this latest update, helps to cheer you up just a little bit over the festive season.

On to Corvera Golf and Country, WOW, and WOW again, absolutely fantastic, I can not believe the progress since our last visit, thousands of trees have been added to the golf course, but also either side of the roads throughout the whole resort, there was a water lorry moving around the resort watering all the new trees, just a couple of years from now we will have beautiful tree lined avenues everywhere.

All of the “tee boxes” have now been marked out and there are six on every hole, just like the model in the sales office, they actually look like “crop circles” I have tried my best to give you a feel for the properties and the resort generally from the golf course side, hopefully you can get a feel for the sheer scale of the golf course and the development generally from the photos I have taken. There are nearly one hundred photos with comprehensive descriptions on most, please have a close look at the photos, I am sure you will be able to see your property here somewhere!

I have spent a lot of time on the South island this time – that is the lowest part of the development down to the left of the resort as you look from the sales office. We have had a lot of requests for photos of this area to show the Canela Villa’s and the Magnolia Villa’s, I am pleased to report that there is huge progress in this area, the views are just amazing as even though this is the lowest part of the resort, the properties are located on natural hills and all have great views.

The golf course has been completed in this area. It needs grass of course, and that will happen in the Spring. It was difficult not to get too excited over here! The properties in the South island all have good views of the golf course, but off to the West are the mountains, where there will be the most incredible sunsets, great for hiking as well, but not in high season please, too hot!

Some of the roads have been tarmacked; most pavements have been completed, and a number of the swimming pools have been constructed or excavated since our last visit, some of the detached villas also have their swimming pools in – lucky people.

One very exciting development for me was the water feature, or stream, that is running through the resort, it has been constructed to the highest standard with a concrete base and then a fabulous dry wall up to the level of the golf course, I think this will be marked by “red markers” for all you golfers out there. I have included some photos of this feature, I hope I have captured it properly as it looks great, forgive me, just getting a bit excited again.

The main, and only, entrance in looks great, another fabulous feature is the lovely dry stone walls either side of the road, as you come up over the hill and down in to the resort with the mountain in the background is nothing short of breathtaking, it is going to be impressive for sure, no question about it.

The properties on phase 1 in the North island have roads, swimming pools and a lot of the properties have been painted and they look great, some of the front line apartments in this location have tremendous views in every direction, and it is quite a high part of the resort and located quite close to the clubhouse with views of the 1st tee, good spot.

There are some fabulous areas for walking and sightseeing, particularly up towards the area for the hotel and clubhouse, almost a sense of being out in the wilderness and yet still on the luxury 5 star Corvera Golf and Country Club, it is these walks that I am looking forward to, that and this fabulous championship golf course. I would like to report that I took my seven iron out of the bag and hit a couple of balls and what brilliant shots they were, well that is my version anyway and I am sticking to it, even without grass, you can really see that this golf course is going to be a stern test, but with the PGA academy on site there will be no excuses!

I hope you enjoy these latest photos and update, don’t forget to read the descriptions that accompany most photos, I really hope you all get to spot your property, and I also hope you feel just a little more positive about this fabulous resort, we will be back as soon as we can with some new ones and another update, please leave your comments and also send in any requests, we are always happy to help. We must also mention Calida International Properties, who make this website possible, and who provide professional property management services for you owners out there. Once again a very very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009 and to you all.

A sunny day in Corvera – Our second visit!

November 15th, 2008

Welcome to our latest set of pictures, and our latest update for the fantastic new Corvera Golf and Country Club.

The last time we were at Corvera Golf it was a horrible rainy day and even though the pictures were pretty good, we were of course disappointed that we could not show you all the progress of the resort on a beautiful sunny day.

Well there’s good news folks! It was a fantastic sunny November 12th and although this latest set of pictures will be quite similar to the ones we took 3 weeks ago, I am sure you are all very happy to see as many pictures as possible. We also thought you would appreciate seeing just how much the development has progressed and to see that this is going to be a great place to visit when the weather is so terribly cold and in the UK and Ireland (and the rest of Northern Europe)! The weather is fantastic over here at the moment, a cool 21 degrees on the day we shot these pictures, wow!

Our visit this time was even more exciting, the views were great, the temperature was great, we actually commented that it is a shame we couldn’t play the Corvera golf course! Just another 12 months and we are assured that the course will be ready to play, make a note in your diaries for October/November 2009 and don’t forget the club house is all set to be open for the same time, and again we are assured that it is going to be a golf course and golf club house to be very proud of.

Loads more infrastructure in now place, millions of workers everywhere… well a couple of dozen anyway, as I said “really excited and getting carried away” but seriously folks, this place is really going to be worth the wait, what an absolute wonderful location!

The road and entrance outside the resort has all now been changed, very difficult to keep up with the work everywhere and it is official, just 3 and a half minutes to the new “Corvera airport” with the flight path nowhere near Corvera Golf and Country Club. Construction at the airport is progressing nicely, please see our previous report with limited pictures (link above).

If you like our pictures and updates, please leave your comments, it is the only way we know that all you concerned owners out there are happy with this new information site for Corvera Golf and Country Club.

Keep visiting, we will be back soon with some great news and some fantastic new pictures.

Gallery below!

First visit! – Report & pictures from Corvera Golf – October ’08

October 31st, 2008


Welcome to the new and exciting Corvera Golf information web site, the newest and most up to date web site with lots of great pictures and information regarding Corvera Golf and Country Club.

We have been very busy with our sister web site for your sister resort at www.rodagolfinfo.com, however we are now going to concentrate on bringing you all the latest news and information regarding the fantastic gated resort of Corvera Golf and Country Club.

We are going to start by providing these pictures (see gallery below) from our most recent visit to Corvera Golf and provide our very own thoughts on the progress to date and of course the potential for the resort generally. If you click on the pictures in the gallery you can see that we added some comments on most of the pictures, explaining where you are and what you are seeing. Also please note that the pictures are available on our Flickr page here in (massive!) full size resolution!

Our report

We visited Corvera Golf and Country Club on Thursday 23rd October with our camera ready to go only to find that the weather was terrible, it rained all day, however we did get some great pictures of the apartment blocks, the views from the front line apartments and we managed to drive around the development.

The apartments were very specious and the “frontline” properties we visited were the Tilo style, the views were just unbelievable and whoever owns these “frontline” properties are in for a real treat, complete uninterrupted views across the golf course towards the mountains in the distance, even in the rain we were just “blown away at the sheer scale of it all.

There is so much wide open spaces, so many excellent views and the infrastructure work that has been completed can only really be appreciated from inside the resort.

The amount of work already undertaken is colossal, the pavements with the block stones or pavement bricks, the roads and street lighting and the stone walls everywhere look just fantastic, like all the owners at Corvera we have been a little apprehensive, what with the delays and the current economic climate, but we came away from Corvera completely enthused and excited all over again.

We visited the location for the hotel and clubhouse where lots of infrastructure work has already been completed, the location is fantastic and the golf course covers the most enormous area, regarding the golf course, there have been lots of trees planted along side the various fairways, all drainage and water systems are in place, all the fairways have been marked out and the greens have been prepared, we expect the course to be seeded from next March.

To stand at the location of the clubhouse and proposed De Vere hotel and look back to the sales office gives some idea of the vastness of the whole development, it is fair to say that we were very happy with what we saw.

We had an opportunity to have a look at the villas and semi-detached properties in the South island and again it all looked fabulous, the “frontline” villas will have superb views and were very spacious, great plots and again a sense of being in the country with huge wide open spaces.

There was a massive amount of work going on with construction workers busy all over the resort.

I would like to point out that during our visit we were supervised at all times by Corvera staff and every safety precaution was observed, this is after all a construction site with heavy plant and machinery all over the place.

Our initial overall opinion is that the resort has the potential to be one of the best in Spain, quite possibly Europe, the properties are very spacious with huge terraces, spectacular views, the location is awesome and with the new airport well under construction, this place is going to be very popular for people all over Europe looking for something just a little different and a little special.

We have some great pictures to accompany this first report, there will be lots more pictures and we will be providing an update regularly, all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The gallery

Remember, you can click for an explanation and these pictures are also available in high resolution on our Flickr page

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